Jabu Sihol is a simple accomodation, offering a local person’s home and a home-like setting. We will ensure that you get the most out of your North Sumatera trip, especially when visiting Pematangsiantar, while saving money and getting to know local cultures and local people. In return, we only ask you to donate books.

Books you can donate can either be in the form of general knowledge books, or children books, as Jabu Sihol is also a support program for “Rumah belajar” (House of Learning). The books you donated will be given to the children of the village, especially in the area around Lake Toba and Pematangsiantar.

Jabu Sihol also has a mission of introducing the quaint town of Pematangsiantar. Pematangsiantar has a long and important history, and even now contributes a lot in developing the creative potential of human resources of North Sumatra. We also believe that there are huge undiscovered tourism potentials in the town and we are eager to let you experience them.

The town's Siantar history began in the early 19th century, when the town was the capital of a kingdom. Its strategic location made the city grow fast in the Dutch colonial era, which are evident in the town's urban plan and architectural relics.

The town's native population are the Simalungun Batak who remains to be the majority population of the town. Chinese descendants are the largest minority along with strong presence of ethnic Malays and Javanese especially around the downtown area. The most developed part of the town is along the streets named Jalan Merdeka and Jalan Sutomo. As is usual in the beautiful quaint towns everywhere, the nightlife can be quite sleepy, but in Pematangsiantar you can bring a book, go to down town and enjoy hot sumatran coffee in coffee shops. Some coffee shops have become icons.

Spending one or two days in the town is enough for us to take you go around the city by the iconic Becak Siantar (motorized rickshaw using WW 2 relic motorcycle), enjoy other evening entertainment, visiting landmarks, buy souvenirs and try some culinary delights of Pematangsiantar that is well known in North Sumatra and throughout Indonesia.

Started by a few friends who are passionate about making friends of local people and travelers, Jabu Sihol is about connecting good people who are open to meeting, helping each other, and developing frienship network. It’s also about passion for traveling to any places in Indonesia and being accessible to international travelers. So now you can enjoy Pematangsiantar and make friends with Indonesians especially the beautiful people of Pematangsiantar!

We also provide chance for our local people to have many friends, to practice their international languages, to learn other culture and widen their horizons via meeting with people from around the world.

Eventhough it's a free accomodation, Jabu Sihol provides complete facilities for you. We prep the room with freshly laundered sheet and comfortable atmosphere upon check in, and we also provide wifi. Beside accepting book donation, we also provide donation box if you would like to give additional contribution to Jabu Sihol's upkeep.