Davier Rodriguez

Phoenix, AZ, USA

Daniel and his family hosted me for four nights. I am so blessed that he contacted me because it turned out to be the best couchsurfing experience I have ever had. Daniel is a local celebrity. He MCs events and everyone in the region knows the great work that he is doing with his project Jabu Sihol. Daniel is very intelligent, kind, empathetic and social, which made for easy conversation. He was patient and accommodating with my needs (I am vegetarian and afraid of motorbikes). He knows how to interact with people of all walks of life. Daniel's pride for Pematangsiantar made the visit so exciting, as it showed me a city that is non tourist-heavy yet so interesting. We also went to Lake Toba, a stunning geographical masterpiece. He had to leave after the third night, but arranged for me to stay with his family, coordinated activities for me to do, and ensured his friends took me around the city. During my time with him I grew as a person, made incredible friends, and fell in love with North Sumatra. Daniel and I will remain friends for years, and I plan to help with Jabu Sihol in any way I can. From the bottom of my heart, thanks Daniel. I'll never forget our time together and I am so excited to see you again soon. :)

Davier Rodriguez

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Daniel and JABU SIHOL. Thanks for inviting a complete stranger to your family‚Äôs home, showing me the beauties of Lake Toba, and making me feel so welcome. Thank you for the deep conversations. Thanks for accepting my Western brattiness. Thank you for introducing me to so many beautiful people. Thanks for being patient and kind. Thank you for helping me problem solve. Thanks for trusting me with over 100 university students. Thanks for sharing your precious city. Thank you for making me an honorary Siantar Man. Thanks for these unforgettable memories. Thank you for showing me how to be a better human.

Fabio Traveller

Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany

  • Positive

It was great to meet Daniel, a very smart young guy who achieved a lot already for his young age! He is impressive! He visited many countries, his English is really good. Jabu Sihol, his guesthouse for visitors in Siantar, is a great project and I wish him the best of luck with it. I was his guest in his house for 2 days meeting also his lovely mom and other relatives. He brought me to the best barber in Siantar and we shared few times our meals. We also travelled together to Lake Toba and also to Medan.

Ramiro S.

Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Daniel is a great guy! Really social and kind. He has lots of friends in Siantar and everyone is happy to meet you and take pictures with you! 
We shared some great talks over some coffee and food! I learned a lot about Sumatra and the Bataknese culture with him! 
Daniel is an amazing host with a great social mission! I wish you the best mate and hope to see you soon!

All the best with your projects!

Singgah dengan sukacita di Jabu Sihol, rumah singgah ternyaman dan terbaik di Pematangsiantar. uyeah!!! ????????????